The Gold

the gold hardcover book mock-up

The Gold

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Author-narrated audio book in the pipeline…

Jude Calvert-Toulmin was inspired seeing Withnail and I creator Bruce Robinson on The Ruby Wax Show in 2009 and started writing The Gold in 2015. The novel and audiobook are due for publication 2022.

Film director Bruce Robinson, Hollywood movie stars Juliette Janesson and Micky Vallance, London author Ella Quinn and predatory movie producer Wayne Montana are all seeking their personal gold.

The Gold finds humour in the darkest corners of everyday humanity, from London to Los Angeles, Málaga to Yorkshire and Morocco, as the lives of all these individuals are about to collide, bringing revelation, salvation and revenge.

In a character-driven, dialogue-rich tale, the author tells the story of these disparate and intertwining lives with compassion, wit and insight.

The Gold hardcover book mock-up