Film director Bruce Robinson, Hollywood movie stars Juliette Janesson and Micky Vallance, London author Ella Quinn and predatory movie producer Wayne Montana are all seeking their personal gold…read more

When Dominique DuBois innocently enquires whether her first article in rock-climbing magazine The Limit has had any reaction, her editor tells her that it has caused a war on the internet…read more

Desperate for peace and quiet to work on her new book, Dominique DuBois finds the chance of a fortnight’s say in a country house in the depths of Derbyshire  too good to pass up…read more

Currently being written, could be a while…

In the mid-eighties, three friends are tempted by the promise of quick, easy money working for a wealthy and powerful philanthropist and his wife…read more

The sequel to My Adventures in Cyberspace.

Long before social media, the early internet is becoming an increasingly hostile environment for women…read more

Kate is neglecting her husband, Alex. But her mother Julia, a middle-aged widow, finds him irresistible. And the feeling is mutual…read more

Julia struggles to find happiness with younger lover Alex whilst her daughter, Kate – Alex’s ex – is bored with her new lover, Matt…read more

A special edition of A Passion for Classic Cars, the sequel to best-selling Mother-in-Law, Son-in-Law. Intrigue, passion, romance and humour, only without the explicit sex scenes….read more