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The Gold

Film director Bruce Robinson, Hollywood movie stars Juliette Janesson and Micky Vallance, London author Ella Quinn and predatory movie producer Wayne Montana are all seeking their personal gold.

The Gold finds humour in the darkest corners of everyday humanity, from London to Los Angeles, Málaga to Yorkshire and Morocco, as the lives of all these individuals are about to collide, bringing revelation, salvation and revenge.

In a character-driven, dialogue-rich tale, the author tells the story of these disparate and intertwining lives with compassion, wit and insight…read more

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Jude is recording the author-narrated audio book of The Gold for release in 2022.   In the meantime get a free epub copy of The Gold by signing up to the newsletter here. You can buy the paperback on Amazon from early December 2021  with more outlets coming soon.

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About the author

Readers have told Jude her work has led to marriage, divorce and babies being born (not all at the same time.)

Jude read from debut novel Mother-in-Law, Son-in-Law in front of 5 million people on prime time cookery show Come Dine With Me (which she won!)

Establishing Fleur de Lys Publishing the same year Kindle was born, Jude was an early adopter of indy digital publishing and is currently writing her eighth novel, Fomo.

You can find Jude on social media @judeauthor

The author writes with magnificent metaphors, fleshing out the storyline so colourfully so that is like being an invisible ghost in the audience of her life.

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